Hidden Valley Road Bridge Replacement

This project was named the 2018 Civil Engineering Project of the Year by the Hamilton-Halton Engineering Week Committee for its unique design and how it demonstrates the value of engineering in the community.

CIMA+ replaced the existing concrete rigid frame road bridge on Hidden Valley Road spanning Grindstone Creek, which carried one lane of traffic in each direction to and from more than 50 isolated properties, with a new precast concrete culvert structure; complete with wing walls, curbs, barriers, and railings.

The project included extensive public consultation, design, support during the tendering process, and the construction of a temporary roadway and bridge to ensure maintenance of traffic and services (i.e., waste collection and emergency vehicles) while the existing structure was being replaced. Moreover, given the site’s environmentally sensitive and constrained nature, CIMA+’s design incorporated approved methodologies for all temporary structures, including accesses, working platforms and storage areas, as well as dewatering strategies, tree protection, erosion and sediment control, and requirements for tree removal and revegetation plans.

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