Maple Grove Building Connected Battery Energy Storage System

Improving buildings’ power consumption profile through the integration of a battery energy storage system.

Under the Ontario Ministry of Energy’s Smart Grid Fund initiative, Hydro Ottawa was one of the local distributor companies (LCD) supporting the integration of a battery energy storage system (BESS) to one of their operation centres. CIMA+ was selected as the consultant to support the integration of the BESS and add building islanding capabilities. The project is a 600 V building interconnected with a total system capacity of 150 kW/50 kWh. The main challenges included installing the additional control cabinet and electrical panel in an existing electrical room and developing an isolating scheme that could operate with limited stored energy. This project represents one of the first battery storage system in the Ottawa area. It will allow Hydro Ottawa to collect valuable operational data, while allowing them to improve their building’s power consumption profile.

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