Morinville Rail Crossing Safety Assessment

CIMA+ helped identify and solve safety issues standing in the way of the construction of a new church near a rail-crossing.

When construction of a new church was proposed south of the CN rail crossing in Morinville, Alberta, a safety assessment was required for issuance of a Sturgeon County development permit. CIMA+ was hired to provide a detailed review of the crossing, based on the analysis of an existing Traffic Impact Assessment and data gathered during a site visit. The review uncovered several discrepancies indicating that the existing safety measures did not meet Transport Canada’s grade crossing regulations and standards. The most prevalent concerns included recession of the gravel that met with the existing roadway, a steep grade-crossing angle that made it difficult for drivers to observe to their right, and a higher collision risk on Range Road 254 due to an increase in traffic volume. Based on the conclusions of the assessment, CIMA+ presented the client with safety recommendations, along with cost estimates.

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