Naramata Overhead Distribution Line Conversion

CIMA+ helped determine the most accessible, efficient and cost-effective route to replace an existing transmission line with limited access.

CIMA+ designed three-phase power to a new development property in Naramata, BC to replace an existing 69 kV transmission line with limited access. Part of the design criteria included improving operational access to the line by relocating it closer to North Naramata Road. The work included upgrading 3.6 km of two-phase conductors to three-phase 3/0 Pigeon and adding two phases to the existing single-phase radial line for an additional 2.8 km. In total, 78 structures were designed and engineered to the CSA Medium B Standard for this project. CIMA+ worked with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, as well as FortisBC, to select the most efficient and cost-effective line route.

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