New youth custody facility

Construction of a new custody facility in Mistissini that offers the possibility to maintain young Cree offenders within their community.

Development of a new youth custody centre comprised of twelve cells, a lounge, a fenced ward, confinement rooms, a gymnasium, two classrooms and other support facilities, all in compliance with government design requirements in terms of safety and security. The construction project started during the summer of 2017 and continued over a period of two years, in partnership with the local contractor. This was a large-scale project with an initial investment of $17M by the Cree Nation Government for which CIMA+ provided various services.

Finalist in the 2018 Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC) competition, this mixed design combines a reinforced concrete foundation adapted to the northern environment and a steel framework paired with a partially wooden structure for the roof. An 8 m wood tipi constitutes the centrepiece of this 3,000 m2 one-storey building that will allow Cree families and communities to partake in the rehabilitation of young offenders through the delivery of services in their native language.

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