Organizing the refurbishment of 250 roofs of an industrial complex without interrupting production

Where do you start when several of the 250 roofs of your industrial complex need renovations? How do you tackle this on a budget and without shutdowns? It is precisely to answer these questions that RTIT has been calling upon CIMA+ since 2017.

In just a few months, CIMA+ inspected all 52,300 m² of roofing at the complex, the equivalent of 10 American football fields. There were no “as built” drawings for many of these roofs.

CIMA+’s actions made it possible to implement a coherent roof maintenance program. Structural engineers and architects joined forces to develop a five-year rehabilitation program.

A comprehensive management system was created to identify each roof section using an identification number. This system records the location, composition, and condition of each roof section. This became an essential decision-making tool for the client.

Since 2019, fifteen to twenty roofs have been replaced or repaired each year.

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