Recovering heat generated by major mining equipment to heat site buildings. 

With a limited supply of electricity, it is not easy to heat the buildings on a large mine site located in the heart of Nunavut. The average minimum temperature is -32°C in January at the Hope Bay gold mine site. Creativity is key to overcome this challenge. 

The diesel generators supplying power to the site produce a large amount of heat. Previously released in the environment, this heat is now “pumped” into pipes insulated with glycol, a chemical agent that prevents freezing.

This pipe network provides heating for several buildings used by workers on the mine site.

CIMA+ recently designed a new portion of the glycol loop to better exploit the heat generated by the diesel generators and supply “green” heat to more site areas.

CIMA+ has delivered more than 50 projects at the Hope Bay gold mine since 2019, including the detailed engineering for a new water treatment plant.

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