West Don and North Toronto Trunk Sanitary Trunk Sewer Rehab

Major repairs to significantly extend the lifecycle of a critical sanitary sewer network in one of Canada’s largest cities.

CCTV inspections revealed various problems in sections of the West Don and North Toronto trunk sewers. Important infiltration through pipe joints was discovered, as well as damage caused by an unidentified utility having drilled through the sewer, thus blocking approximately 30% of the cross-sectional flow area at West Don. In addition, an infiltration leaking sewer connection with major root ingress was observed at North Toronto. The City of Toronto’s Asset Planning section tasked CIMA+ with designing sewer rehabilitation solutions to significantly reduce infiltration and extend by 50 years the life of portions of the 1200 mm diameter sanitary trunk sewers in West Don and North Toronto. Both locations are within environmentally sensitive areas beside and crossing the Don River, and a golf course. Rehabilitation works on the West Don and North Toronto trunk sewers cover 736 m and 191 m respectively.

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