Refurbishment of BRP offices

A key element of this project was the rigorous planning required to avoid interrupting BRP’s activities.

CIMA+ was hired by BRP to refurbish the office area of Plant 1. This project, valued at approximately $4.5M, was carried out in lots to minimize the impact on the building’s occupants and production. As the computer network room is located at the centre of the renovated area, it was crucial to avoid interrupting its services, except for a single planned shutdown.

Our teams worked in close collaboration with the architect to create a hospitable environment in the office area: By creating a connection between the office space and the plant using a wall of windows between the two areas, and keeping the mechanical systems visible, while harmonizing the colour of sprinklers, conduits, grids and diffusers with their surroundings, we contributed to creating a dynamic and user-friendly space. The lighting is also conducive to the comfort and productivity of the personnel.

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