Improving access to the City of Regina’s Global Transportion Hub through construction of a bypass road

The Regina Bypass is the first project procured by Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure using the P3 Design-Build-Finance-Operate and Maintain (DBFOM) model.

The project will provide an enhanced access to the Global Transportation Hub to the west of the city of Regina, and will facilitate north to south and inter-provincial trade routes throughout the region. The Bypass consists of a free flow highway corridor through the region, and includes approximately 58 km of four-lane highway and additional service roads, along with 10 interchanges, 7 intersections and 32 bridge structures. To date, it is the largest transportation project in Saskatchewan, with a capital cost of $1.2 B. CIMA+ leveraged professional staff from multiple locations across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec in order to provide best-in-class service.

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