Replacement of harmonic capacitors and filters for the Alcoa Bécancour mill

In order to increase the capacity of its potrooms and thereby augment production at its Bécancour mill, Alcoa acquired new compensation banks and harmonic filter.

CIMA+ prepared the design basis and the power system study (analysis and validation), and also provided technical support for the compensation banks and harmonic filters: 12 new 25 MVAr banks were installed at 10 kV, thus increasing the mill’s total power consumption from 715 to 815 MW (at the 230 kV substation).

In anticipation of a production increase at the Bécancour mill, the power system study was essential for the purpose of providing the necessary assurances to Hydro-Québec Transport with respect to compliance with its connection requirements. The existing mill equipment and the sub-components of the new compensation banks were also analyzed in detail.

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