Tocumen Airport, Panama – Compliance and validation study of the passenger terminal for the developer

Tocumen Airport is the main airport in Panama, located 24 km west of Panama City. With more than 15 M PAX, Tocumen is the busiest airport in Central America.

The objective of the mandate was to ensure the growth of the airport while maintaining its service level, despite the increase in the volume of passengers landing annually.

We were mandated to conduct a capacity, operations and service-level compliance study to validate whether the proposed facilities under construction respected (i) the original contract requirements and (ii) the technical and operational requirements as amended during construction.

We conducted simulation, capacity and service-level analyses for this planning assessment, focusing on the following passenger processing sub-systems:

  • Departure records
  • Emigration departures
  • Security at departure
  • Departure lounge for remote gates
  • Safety of transferring passengers
  • Immigration arrivals
  • Baggage carrousels at arrival
  • Customs checks upon arrival
  • Public lobby for arrivals
  • Security at employee entrance points

The mandate entailed validating the design and the operational and functional capacities of the new terminal in order to demonstrate compliance with the original requirements of the construction contract.

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