Victoria Hall Rehabilitation and Clock Tower Repairs

This project carried out on a national historic site earned the 2013 Project of the Year Award for Small Municipality and Communities from the Ontario Public Works Association (OPWA).

Victoria Hall is an iconic building in the Town of Petrolia, historically known as Canada’s Victorian Oil Town. In the framework of this rehabilitation project, CIMA+ was tasked by the Town of Petrolia with completing the condition assessment of the clock tower, which revealed rotting of the structural supporting systems that made the tower unsafe. It was noted that only 16 cedar columns were supporting the weight of the entire clock tower and cupola, estimated to be 30,000 kg. The columns were only about 90 mm in diameter at approximately the mid-point of their height, which is a critical location for structural strength. The tower was removed and placed at ground level to allow all repairs to be performed safely. Works included repairs to the columns, replacement of the clock face and mechanisms, and repairs to the decorative trim, slate roof and flagpole.

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