Waterfront redevelopment of Jacques-Cartier Street (Gatineau, QC)

This project contributed to enhancing the beauty of the Outaouais River banks, and provided the local population and the general public with a high quality, functional waterfront development, that reflects the image of the national capital, while restoring access to two of the region’s important sites: the Gatineau and Outaouais rivers. In 2018, this project received the Quebec Consulting Engineering Award in the “Urban infrastructure” category.

Along with the redefinition of the road geometry and landscaping work, the project included: integration of a waterfront multifunctional and cycling path, bank improvement and naturalization based on the MDDELCC and NCC requirements, development of public spaces such as belvederes, viewing areas, boat ramps, piers (namely the Quai-des-Légendes which is meant to be a landmark structure of the sector), marinas, as well as specific developments.

The primary challenges consisted of creating waterfront public spaces and showcasing panoramic views within a limited environment without infringing too much on the Outaouais River banks. Site development themes were developed based on each of the environments involved (urban, rural and natural), which respect the area’s character, while allowing to preserve access to the river for the waterfront residents. In order to minimize infringement on the fish habitat, a cable-stayed bridge concept was recommended for the Quai-des-Légendes. As artifacts dating back 3600 to 7000 years were discovered on the site, a public space called Place Abinan was built to honour the historic Aboriginal presence in the region.

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