Waterworks interconnection, Saint-Romuald Charny

A permanent link between two sectors to ensure a drinking water supply in case of an emergency.

The primary objective of this project was to ensure an emergency water supply for the Charny sector in the event of a production shutdown at the drinking water treatment plant. CIMA+ recommended installing a 350 mm water main, over a distance of 1,400 m to ensure a water supply from the Saint-Romuald’s network. A booster station was built to carry a 20,000 m³ flow rate from Saint-Romuald to Charny, with a water main running under a CN railroad track and the Jean-Lesage Expressway, which required large-scale excavation works. By recovering and reusing equipment purchased by the City of Lévis when building an emergency supply network at Beaurivage River during the Lac Mégantic incident, CIMA+ helped its client to save money.

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