TEMPUS, Online Migration Tool

TEMPUS is an award-winning proprietary tool that is completely changing the paradigm of migrating production plant systems.

Developed by CIMA+, TEMPUS is the only tool on the market that allows for cutover of any industrial control system to a new or upgraded platform, without impacting the plant’s production. This benefit is not negligible since any shut down in a production plant that operates 24 hours per day and 7 days per week entails significant costs.

TEMPUS uses a CULUS certified, temporary hardware installation that facilitates all the wiring from one control system to another, without disrupting the signals. Once the new control system has been fully tested and is operating the plant, the tool is removed, leaving a new and well-organized control system with no legacy equipment remaining.

Combined with the expertise of CIMA+’s automation engineering team, TEMPUS can eliminate shutdowns and simplify the entire project. By significantly reducing the risks and unknown factors surrounding the migration process, CIMA+ is able to carry out the whole project from concept to completion, including construction, migration and commissioning, without impacting production or plant availability.


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TEMPUS has won several awards:

  • Award of Excellence from the 2017 Consulting Engineers of Alberta (CEA)
    Category: Natural Resources, Mining and Industry
  • Award of Excellence from the 2017 Canadian Consulting Engineering Awards
    Category: Natural Resources, Mining, Industry & Energy
  • Award of Excellence from the 2017 Quebec Consulting Engineering Awards (AFG)
    Category: Industry

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