Occupational Health and Safety by Design

In Quebec, the primary objective of occupational health and safety legislation is to eliminate hazards at source. Indeed, it is much easier and more effective to demonstrate that an organization is exercising due diligence when the cause of a problem likely to result in an accident, or even a fatality, is eradicated.


In the jargon of occupational health and safety professionals, we often refer to a hierarchy of preventive measures to guide recommendations to senior management.


When eliminating the hazard at source is not an option, the company should consider the other measures illustrated above, from the most effective (at the top of the pyramid) to the least effective (at the bottom). While it may seem simpler to train workers in the use of PPE and implement administrative measures to manage the hazard, this approach is less effective and may be more costly in the long term.

CIMA+ is committed to creating and maintaining safe working environments for its people, clients and the community. It plays a leading role in reducing hazards during the execution of the projects it handles, by proposing innovative solutions to ensure the effective management of occupational health and safety right from the design phase.

Imagine that you are about to carry out a survey in a confined space, but access is very difficult and requires a complex rescue plan. Of course, with the right tools and techniques, it will be possible to proceed safely.

Now imagine that a layout facilitating access to the confined space, quality ventilation to ensure a healthy environment at all times, and the elimination at the source of other hazards common to this type of space had been planned into the building’s design. The use of less effective control measures would then have been unnecessary.

This is where the Quebec Act Respecting Occupational Health and Safety comes in, aiming to eliminate hazards at source to protect the health, safety and physical integrity of workers.

Whether you are designing or renovating a confined space, or mitigating other risks right from the design phase of your project, CIMA+’s experts are strategic partners, providing design teams with informed advice to ensure that the layouts designed are safe and meet the highest standards. 

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