World Mental Health Day 2023

Nowadays, anxiety disorders and depression are among the most prevalent mental health issues in the workplace. Considering that more than one out of four people in the workforce (28%) experience a high level of psychological distress, whether this distress is work-related or not, taking action is of paramount importance.

At CIMA+, we pay particular attention to the mental health of our teams. Through caring, flexibility and openness, we strive to create and maintain welcoming, safe and inclusive work environments.

A committee dedicated to the mental health of our employees was set up in 2019. Numerous initiatives inspired by the five well-being pillars have been undertaken, and a series of inspiring projects are underway. Among others, these initiatives include conferences to destigmatize mental health, in-house training sessions for managers, an ambassador program and physical activity challenges. Here are the five well-being pillars we are referring to:

Physical well-being

This pillar deals with taking care of the physical aspects of the body to stay healthy today and for years to come. It covers nutrition, sleep, physical activity, ergonomics, disease prevention, etc.

Mental well-being

This pillar deals with mental well-being, which is defined as a state in which an individual is aware of their feelings and their ability to manage emotions and stress factors. It is also a state in which an individual can work productively and is able to enrich their life and contribute to their community. Mental health is on a continuum and fluctuates according to a variety of factors.

Social well-being

This pillar deals with social connections, relationships and self-expression. It refers to an individual’s ability to establish meaningful relationships with those around them, such as family, friends, colleagues and the community.

Financial well-being

This pillar deals with an individual’s ability to manage their financial resources successfully. This involves not living beyond one’s means, establishing an effective budget and setting short- and long-term savings, investment and planning goals.

Environmental well-being

This pillar deals with environmental well-being. It aims to help us understand how our environment affects our health and well-being, and to inspire our commitment to a healthy planet, respecting nature and the environment around us while maintaining psychological balance.

CIMA+ listens to the needs of its employees. That’s why we are committed to implementing tangible measures to ensure the well-being and fulfillment of our people.

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