Focus on Svetlana Zdanovich, Engineer in Building Mechanical Systems in Montréal

Svetlana Zdanovich joined CIMA+ in 2019. HVAC Engineer (heat, ventilation and air conditioning), she is developing her expertise as a member of the Building Mechanical Engineering Department in Montréal. We invite you to learn more about her role and aspirations.


Why did you choose to work in building engineering?

I always wanted to leave a positive footprint on the environment in which we live (built and living environment). The building engineering sector best corresponds to my aspirations and great interest for sustainable development and energy efficiency. This is where is find a creative approach and freedom of action in the search for solutions and proposals made to clients.


Which project delivered by CIMA+ presented a great challenge for you and why?

I had the chance of participating in the project for the renovation of the Mont-St-Hilaire swimming pool: a multidisciplinary project involving several stakeholders and requiring significant internal coordination. This occurred during a very busy period for the building team and we had to work with very tight schedules and under constant pressure from the various teams involved in the work. This project really made me realize that I could manage on my own during the busiest periods, but that I could also ask for help and accept it when I needed it.


What project to you dream of carrying out?

My dream project would be a collaboration with architects on innovative, LEED, stimulating concepts, where new technologies can be integrated in institutional buildings such as libraries.


In your opinion, which sector as the most potential for the future?

Without a doubt, the building sector, because there are a lot of things we can improve, for example, decarbonization or water and waste treatment.

What is your vision for your sector of activity and for CIMA+?

I want to continue developing my skills and integrating new technologies in our building projects to do my part to protect the environment and improve people’s lives. I would also like that all those who work at CIMA+ feel valued and fulfilled in their job. We really have the impression that we are all engineering for people, and this is where our organization’s strength lies.


How does CIMA+ stand out from the competition?

It is CIMA+’s focus on people that really makes the difference. The flexibility offered to young engineers is quite unique and appreciated, which explains why we all work so well together.


What advice would you give to the new employees joining CIMA+?

I would say, do not be afraid of making mistakes. Don’t obsess with being perfect — make decisions rapidly and wholeheartedly. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to try new things, and find a firm whose values are compatible with yours, and where you will be able to learn and continue to evolve professionally.


How do you manage stress?

I spend most of my spare time with my dog, a very friendly and playful golden doodle who can sometimes be a little mischievous! I walk him a lot, which is as beneficial for me as it is for him. He helps me get out of my routine and think less about work.

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