Focus on Marc-André Tousignant

Career retrospective

I joined CIMA+ during the ice storm of January 1998! This year is the 25th of my career, which I’ve spent entirely at CIMA+. Which goes to show that I'm pretty loyal... One could also say that I'm part of the furniture! In fact, it was my first job, and I've never felt the need to look elsewhere. I’ve evolved within the same group, working on a diverse range of projects and being involved in studies of ever-increasing complexity.

I've also reached another significant milestone in life, having just turned 50. That means that I have spent half of my life at CIMA+. When I look back, I see nothing but positives in my association with this company, which has enabled me to grow, develop, and flourish, to achieve my potential, to rise through the ranks from junior engineer to partner and to carry out projects that I could never have even dreamed of.

Keywords: Involvement, dedication, diversity


Early on, I was given the opportunity to contribute to the international branch of CIMA+ in the early 2000s. These projects included several trips to Africa, where I experienced a major change of scenery and adventure, while working long hours... I was able to apply my analytical skills to studying the need for a second bridge in Niamey, where capacity is reduced by donkey and cart traffic, reviewing public transportation in Ouagadougou and rethinking the transportation master plan for Kinshasa.

Keywords: Discovery, agility, resourcefulness, confidence


I was then offered a true Montréal adventure, one which is quite unique, that of contributing to the implementation of an automated light-rail transportation system: the REM. I seized this opportunity, and it had a positive impact on my working life: a project office located in new premises, getting to know a new team and a multidisciplinary environment. I’ve been involved from the very beginning of the project in 2014, even before it was taken over by the Caisse des dépôts et placements du Québec, and my involvement will soon be ending. I have spent ten years of my career very closely tied to this major project, which is a source of great pride for me.

Keywords: Pride, effort, teamwork

On the road

I have seen the Mobility Department blossom, expanding from a staff of 4 people when I started to approximately 80 today. A group of high-quality individuals, colleagues who have become friends, and a strong core that has remained loyal to CIMA+ and the Mobility Department. Many of them have also been here for more than 20 years. In this new era of change, our stability is remarkable. Despite undergoing a few name changes as trends evolved, we have always seen this Department as one big family. As evidence of this, all of the bosses I have had at CIMA+ attended my recent anniversary dinner, from André, who interviewed me in December 1997, to Isabelle, the current Department Manager.

Keywords: Consistency, growth, attachment


Looking ahead

What is left to accomplish? A lot!

I'm at a stage where it is important to provide guidance to the next generation and develop the talents that we are recruiting to pass on the lessons that have helped me during my career. It’s a part of my job that I find stimulating, and it’s probably something I inherited from my parents, who were both teachers! It’s important to know how to point people in the right direction while also giving them enough responsibility to move forward and develop. Historically, the Mobility Group has always been a good training ground for younger talent, and we intend to keep it that way.

Keywords: Learning, openness, listening, action

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