Meeting with Yves Roland Mondou, Senior Vice President

We have interviewed Yves Roland Mondou, Senior Vice President at CIMA+ and leader of the Project Management team since 2016.


How would you describe the last 20 years in your area of expertise?

The market underwent a great evolution over the past 20 years. Market stakeholders — clients, contractors, professionals, and investors — have an increasingly sophisticated approach regarding the management of their projects and high expectations in terms of results. These expectations are motivated by the increasing size and complexity of projects and investment programs. It is no longer rare to see projects over $1B everywhere in Canada. Consequently, contractual modes for project delivery are rapidly evolving to become more mature and collaborative. These approaches require skills and specializations that were relatively undeveloped until recently. Regardless of a project’s size, there is less tolerance in the market for cost and schedule overrun.

Therefore, we notice an increasing professionalization of the project manager’s role and of the expertise revolving around this industry.


What is CIMA+’s strength in project management?

Undoubtedly, its multidisciplinary capacity. CIMA+ has a team that combines all project management disciplines, which allows for providing our clients with an integrated management solution. With contract administration, cost and schedule control, design management or BIM management, to name just a few, the team’s service offer is comprehensive and diversified.


Why is it important for a consulting engineering firm such as CIMA+ to have its own project management business unit?

The Project Management Department has developed its own client and project base. This allowed CIMA+ to ensure a strong presence, particularly in the Quebec project management market, which is separate from the traditional market where consulting engineering firms do business. This is a key differentiator for CIMA+.

Our project management capacity also allows us to work more confidently on major projects, and those carried out under alternative delivery models.


What services do you offer? 

We have developed capabilities in three disciplines: project leadership and management, integrated project services, as well as occupational health and safety on construction sites.

Project leadership and management combine the expertise and services required to deliver our clients’ projects and programs. Design management, construction management and contract administration are also part of this group’s expertise.

Integrated project services are related disciplines aimed at controlling the project workflow, for example: planning, schedule management, cost control and project accounting. The foregoing is complemented by procurement, information governance or risk management, services that our clients frequently request.

Lastly, we have a team dedicated to ensuring workers’ health and safety on construction sites. Our experts in this area are familiar with current laws and regulations and capable of providing our clients with a safe environment that is compliant with regulatory requirements. Our team was particularly in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.


What are the team’s flagship projects?

Centre hospitalier universitaire Ste-Justine – “Growing up healthy

Ottawa Block 2

Ontario Power Generation Clarington Campus


What is the team’s strength?  

As a direct result of its skills, dedication and partnership approach, the Project Management team has developed a strong reputation with our clients. We strive to work collaboratively with our clients, and we consider their objectives and interests as if they were our own.


Has the Project Management team evolved over time?

Initially, the group was responding to internal requests in support of projects led by CIMA+’s major sectors. Since then, our role has evolved towards the external market where we work directly with clients. While we continue to support the internal needs of CIMA+’s overall client base, we are growing our capacity to win our own projects and increase our specialized service offer.


“Our ability to collaborate on multidisciplinary internal projects, but also lead projects directly and independently with clients, represents a strength for the firm as a whole.”

  • Yves Roland Mondou


What is your vision for the Project Management team’s future?

To be a Canadian project management leader, for both independently managed projects, and in support of CIMA+’s strategic plan for major projects and those carried out under alternative delivery models.




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