The people behind CIMA+: Moustapha Seck

What does sustainable mobility mean to you?

In general, sustainable mobility refers to modes of transporting people and goods that are safe, sustainable and efficient, and that minimize impacts on the environment and human health.


Why did you choose the mobility sector? What do you like about it?

Because it is a diverse sector that has sparked my passion and my fascination since my college days, and because it addresses emerging challenges, like finding ways to facilitate the circulation of goods and services. The mobility sector is well suited to some of the things that I am passionate about, from planning and socioeconomic analyses for projects that affect the public interest to studies related to traffic and safety.


When did you join the great CIMA+ family?

In February 2011, so 12 years already.

Why did you decide to join the CIMA+ Mobility Team?

Because CIMA+ is an uncontested leader in the field of engineering in Québec, thanks to the quality of the services it offers to its clients and the excellent working conditions it provides for its employees. CIMA+ is more than just a company: it’s a family. There is a spirit of solidarity, respect, caring, support and fellowship with and among the employees.

What do you like most about your work, and what is the most gratifying aspect?

What I like most is the flexibility that comes with the telework option and the balance between work and family life. The most gratifying aspect is the diversity of projects I get to work on, which allows me to constantly improve my experience in the mobility sector.


How do you think your work makes a difference in the community?

When the professional services that I am involved in are made into tangible projects by clients like the Ministère des Transports, for example, you can see the improvements in terms of the mobility of populations, which is a vector for economic development.

At CIMA+, we contribute to the Centraide of Greater Montréal platform to help support vulnerable people in our community.

In addition, I pay income taxes because of my job, which contributes to the economic, social and cultural development of my community.


Which projects are you most proud of, and why?

  1. The Réseau électrique métropolitain (REM) project: This is a multidisciplinary project that I have been associated with for more than 9 years, since 2014. I have been involved in planning and traffic studies for most of the stations. I am also very proud of the fact that this structuring mass transit project that I have worked on for many years will soon become a reality with the imminent commissioning of the South Shore branch.
  2. The Route 132 project: This is a multidisciplinary project that, above all, provided me with coordination tools and helped me to better understand the synergy required among all of the various disciplines (drainage, geometrics, environment, safety, structure, traffic, soundscape, etc.), and also allowed me to put my experience in socioeconomic analysis into practice in connection with a project of general interest.


How would you define the CIMA+ Mobility Team?

A team of seasoned professionals who are motivated by surpassing their own limitations, and who provide the highest level of service to CIMA+ clients, working as a cohesive team while respecting ethical principles and the rules of professional conduct.

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