The people behind CIMA+: our administrative assistant

Welcome to our latest blog post, specially crafted to highlight administrative assistants in transportation at CIMA+. Together, let's explore the unique contributions and perspectives of these essential professionals in the transportation industry. Discover:

  • Josée Dubé
  • Line Rivière
  • Karine Leroux
  • Myriam Trudel
  • Manon Gibeault

Josée Dubé

Would you like to tell us about a project that has left a lasting impression on you and to which you are proud to have contributed?

I cannot name a specific project, but I am proud of all the projects that CIMA+ has been awarded thanks to my contribution and that of my colleagues in the preparation of proposals. Working diligently to produce visually appealing documents is an integral part of my daily routine.


What has your experience at CIMA+ brought you?

Whether it pertains to human relations, work methods, filing systems or collaboration within my team and with other colleagues, the experience I’ve acquired at CIMA+ allows me to be self-reliant in carrying out my tasks and to help the next generation of employees by sharing my knowledge.

Line Rivière

What do you like best about your work?

I like to foster a sense of belonging among team members by taking the time to listen to them, understand their needs, and support them on a human level to build team cohesion.


How would you describe the CIMA+ Mobility team of which you are a member?

A forward-thinking, dynamic team that innovates while preserving the environment.

Karine Leroux

Why did you choose the engineering sector?

It was rather the engineering sector that chose me, and I chose to stay! Each of my daily tasks gives me a sense of accomplishment and allows me to see concrete results. Every project and every day at CIMA+ allow me to grow both professionally and personally. Lastly, the transportation field and the team I work with give me the opportunity to accomplish a wide variety of tasks which, although sometimes similar, are all different when you consider the particularities of each project.


What are the key skills required of an administrative assistant, and how do you think they benefit CIMA+ employees?

Organizational skills and attention to detail are certainly two important elements. You have to get involved, find information, adapt to the company’s and clients’ ways of doing things, respond to requests from various people at different hierarchical levels, all the while keeping to priorities and deadlines. For me, attention to detail and respect for the CIMA+ brand image are essential to doing quality work. These skills ensure that all team members are working in the same direction, in complete collaboration with the assistant.

Myriam Trudel

In your opinion, what qualities should an administrative assistant possess?

I believe that to succeed in this role, you need to have a good sense of organization, manage priorities well, and be proactive, discreet and meticulous.

Organizational skills, which include priority management, are of paramount importance in our daily work, particularly in view of the sheer number of tasks to be accomplished, whether on a daily or weekly basis. We often must put a current task on hold to devote ourselves to a higher-priority one that requires immediate attention. We need to be able to estimate the time needed to complete each task, in order to set priorities effectively, establish a schedule of deliverables and stick to it. Proactivity is essential in this context!

We also must be meticulous in delivering quality work. As assistants, we’re often responsible for the last step before a job is handed in, and it’s crucial that it reflects our professionalism and enhances the company’s brand image.

Lastly, discretion is an inescapable quality in our role. We have access to sensitive information and often have to deal with delicate and confidential matters.


How do you think your work makes a difference in the community?

I don’t think I’m making a direct difference in the community, but rather with the people on my team.

As an executive assistant, I support managers in a number of administrative tasks, such as welcoming new employees and trainees, and organizing management meetings and special events. I’m available to help my colleagues with a variety of tasks, such as registering for training sessions, preparing documents for our clients, searching for information, planning meetings with clients and employees, organizing team lunches and other types of activities.

The work I do saves them time and allows them to be more involved in the projects the team is working on.

Manon Gibeault

How did you become an administrative assistant?

I became an assistant by chance. At the end of high school, I was faced with health problems that forced me to reconsider my educational path. This led me to take secretarial training, opting for a diploma of vocational studies (DVS), while waiting for my personal situation to improve and allow me to resume my college and university studies in education. That’s how I began my career as an assistant. Now, after almost two decades with CIMA+, I can say with conviction that this unexpected transition was one of the best things that ever happened to me. I’m very happy to be part of the CIMA+ family.


How do you manage priorities and deadlines in a dynamic, agile work environment such as engineering?

Managing priorities and deadlines is a crucial aspect of being a successful assistant. Here’s how I tackle this challenge:

  • First, I evaluate all the tasks entrusted to me according to their importance, in order to identify those that need to be dealt with as a priority.
  • I maintain open communication with my team members as well as with my manager to understand the requirements and deadlines associated with each task. This helps me clarify expectations and avoid misunderstandings.
  • To manage my time effectively, I use all the IT tools provided by CIMA+, such as shared calendars, task-tracking applications and planning boards, which help me organize my activities and meet deadlines. This makes me more efficient.

As an assistant at CIMA+, it’s a privilege to work in such a dynamic and stimulating environment. Thank you to CIMA+ for this opportunity and to my manager for his trust. I’m proud to be part of this wonderful family.

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