“At CIMA+, we are strong advocates of an inclusive and collaborative culture of learning and development. My team and I are committed to driving positive change in the workplace and we value giving meaning and purpose to our work for all team members.”

Annie Brisson


Senior Vice President, Talent and Culture

Annie Brisson, CHRP is the Senior Vice President of Talent and Culture. She manages a team of over 60 people working in various human resources disciplines.

She has over 25 years of experience in her field, and she has worked on several large-scale projects within major Canadian companies such as the Jean Coutu Group and TELUS.


The reasons why she joined CIMA+

Annie joined CIMA+ because she endorses its principle of putting people at the centre of its operations. “CIMA+ acknowledges the specific needs of its employees and values their contribution, empowering them to have a positive impact on the organization and the community. Leaders support the creation and maintenance of diversified, highly skilled teams that thrive in a healthy, safe, inclusive and caring work environment.”


The corporate value that resonates most with her

Annie is particularly interested in the value the company places on teamwork and how CIMA+ aims for excellence. Teamwork is one of the primary ways in which the company achieves excellence, as it encourages team members to work collaboratively and share new ideas. This increases productivity while maintaining an ethical environment that guides the company’s decision-making and behaviours within the organization. These values are key to the organization’s success and its ability to have a positive impact in the community that we serve.

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