Evolving towards a fair, inclusive and carbon-neutral world by designing sustainable and innovating solutions to meet our clients’ business needs, while addressing environmental issues for today’s and future generations. We work in partnership with our clients and the communities in which they operate while focusing on sustainable and responsible growth.

Denis Thivierge

, P. Eng.

President and CEO

Denis Thivierge is the President and CEO of CIMA+. Mr. Thivierge joined CIMA+ in 2007 as Vice-President, Buildings for the Greater Montreal Area, before becoming a partner in 2008.

He subsequently held various critical functions within the firm, namely as a member of the Executive Committee (2016), Director of the Montreal office (2016), acting Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operation Officer (2019), before being appointed President and CEO in August 2022. Mr. Thivierge’s vision and leadership have contributed to the implementation of the strategic plan and the achievement of CIMA+’s financial and operational objectives. Mr. Thivierge has more than 25 years of experience in the consulting engineering industry.

His vision

His vision of work and healthy corporate management is built on innovation and the ability to adapt to change. Prioritizing sustainable development principles, encouraging the development of a collaborative working model, decompartmentalizing certain isolated practices, investing in improved balance between work and personal life — these are all important aspects of the management approach recommended by Denis Thivierge against the backdrop of a constantly evolving world, with a view to position CIMA+ as a blueprint of an environmentally responsible firm for future generations — a crucial position to pursue CIMA+’s growth.

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