Ensuring the longevity and growth of CIMA+ across Canada by establishing strategic performance indicators, pioneering technology and a work environment that is conducive to collaboration: that is how we will remain what we have been for many years – an employer of choice.

Denis Thivierge

, P. Eng.

Chief Operating Officer

Backed by 25 years of experience in the engineering sector, Denis Thivierge was named Chief Operating Officer and Interim Financial Officer of CIMA+ in 2020.

He previously served as Director of the Montréal office, a position he assumed in 2016, after having guided the Buildings sector for the Metropolitan Montréal Region to an average annual growth rate of 15% from the time he first joined CIMA+ in 2007.

His vision of the work environment

His vision of work and healthy corporate management is built on innovation and the ability to adapt to change. Rethinking work methods and production processes, prioritizing sustainable development principles, encouraging the development of a collaborative working model, decompartmentalizing certain isolated practices, investing in improved balance between work and personal life – these are all important aspects of the management approach recommended by Denis Thivierge against the backdrop of a constantly evolving world, with a view to position CIMA+ as a blueprint of healthy management for future generations to follow.

Innovation and collaboration to reach greater heights faster

In the present and the future, Denis expects to mobilize all of the sectors and services at CIMA+ toward the goal of standardizing and optimizing its business processes. This effort will inevitably involve the implementation of the innovative technological tools required for the coherent and effective development of operations at CIMA+.