CIMA+’s commitment towards corporate social responsibility is extremely important to me because it means taking into consideration the well-being of our employees, fostering the development of communities, and reducing our environmental footprint.

Suzanne Demeules

, P.Eng., DESS

Chief Practice Officer

Suzanne Demeules joined CIMA+ in 1998, and has been a partner since 2001. She currently holds the position of Vice President, Infrastructure and Environment, Quebec.

In this role, she manages a large team of professionals who carry out projects of various sizes in the areas of municipal engineering, water, the environment, urban planning, surveying and CCTV inspection of sanitary sewer systems throughout Quebec. By leveraging their diversified expertise, Suzanne and her team are able to design innovative solutions that take sustainability into account.

Her passion for sustainable mobility

Public investments and road developments are no longer planned the way they used to be. Sustainable and universal mobility, the delivery of integrated projects, creation of living environments, and even smart cities are part of our new reality! Therefore, it is more important than ever that we work closely with the various partners, stakeholders within the community and professionals (urban planner, architects, economists, landscape architects, etc.). Suzanne finds this type of teamwork particularly stimulating.