The development and application of best business practices allows our people to provide clients with high-level and superior quality services.

Suzanne Demeules

, P.Eng., DESS

Chief Practice Officer

With CIMA+ since 1998, and a partner since 2001, Suzanne Demeules was part of the Transportation group for 20 years, after which she was appointed Vice President, Infrastructure in Quebec. She currently holds the position of Chief Practice Officer.

Today, she ensures the strategic positioning and governance of major multidisciplinary projects at CIMA+. She is responsible for the management and assessment of the risks associated with projects and oversees the development and standardization of CIMA+’s business practices. Suzanne also coordinates the expertise of the Project Management sector with corporate needs, and the strategic alignment for the growth of the Alternative Delivery Models and Major Projects group with the CIMA+ business plan.

How can we ensure CIMA+’s long-term success?

First, it is crucial to adapt, and demonstrate agility and flexibility. At CIMA+, we are building the future, and keeping abreast of digital transformation, new technologies, promising innovations, emerging trends, and best business practices. Furthermore, as one of Canada’s Best Employers, we promote the continuous training and development of our staff members. This is how we will ensure CIMA+’s longevity.

One of CIMA+’s priorities for today and tomorrow

Today, all generations are concerned about the environment and climate change. Therefore, sustainability if a real priority for CIMA+ in terms of business practices. We also believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion, and this is why we are engineering for people.

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