Enhancing our high-quality services nationwide is my priority. Through collaboration with CIMA+’s diverse teams across Canada, we are able deliver innovative solutions to all our clients and communities.

Troy Briggs

, M.Eng., P. Eng.

Executive Vice President, Infrastructure

Troy Briggs joined CIMA+ in 2011 and has over 20 years of experience as a process engineer and project manager. He specializes in design, construction and delivery of large water programs and has an expertise in wastewater treatment process design and biosolids management.

His priorities

His goal is to work with all infrastructure staff across Canada to strengthen CIMA+’s core businesses, including municipal servicing, roads, land development, stormwater management, watermains, trunk sewers, drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment. In parallel, he works with our leaders across Canada, to look for new growth opportunities to fulfill CIMA+’s corporate strategic objectives.

Moment of Pride

When Troy joined CIMA+ over 10 years ago, he was tasked with developing a CIMA+ infrastructure group in Ontario. Today, Troy is proud to see that the infrastructure group he developed has become a leader in the industry. Furthermore, over the years he has witnessed the growth of this team from its origins to a thriving group of professionals. He is now looking forward to bringing this knowledge and experience to CIMA+’s infrastructure team across Canada.

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