A second life for the Melocheville Tunnel

The Melocheville Tunnel: a model of innovation delivered at a lower cost.

Built in 1957, the Melocheville Tunnel is a 227.6 m segment of Highway 132. Several issues appeared over the years, namely water infiltration and formation of ice on the rock walls and pavement, which compromised users’ safety. Adding to this were fire protection issues and damages to equipment mounted on the tunnel vault by overheight trucks.

CIMA+ innovated by adopting a holistic approach, namely when it carried out a fire protection analysis. This solution allowed to significantly reduce ventilation costs compared to the other solutions considered. Furthermore, solutions suggested by CIMA+ contributed to the implementation of the first automatic incident detection system (AID) in Quebec tunnels, improvement of the tunnel’s water tightness before the repair works started, and detection system for overheight vehicles.

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