Addition of two wind turbines on the Hydro-Quebec distribution network in Whapmagoostui

The community of Whapmagoostui/ Kuujjuarapik, in Nunavik, wishes to add two wind turbines to Hydro-Quebec’s electrical production network, to reduce its dependence on diesel and thus contribute to the fight against climate change, the effects of which are increasingly being felt in the northern regions.

The CIMA+ team will carry out the detailed engineering of the collector network and the substation, considering the various electrical, civil, road and telecommunication aspects, and perform the necessary studies to ensure the interconnection to the Hydro-Québec network.

The team will also be responsible for project management and engineering for the implementation of the wind turbines according to the technical requirements necessary for their proper operation.

Telecommunication engineering will also be considered in this project, in order to ensure reliable and timely communication between the different elements of the network, as well as efficient monitoring and maintenance of the entire system.

Collaboration with local stakeholders

CIMA+ experts will work closely with local stakeholders to ensure the success of the project and the reliable and efficient operation of all network components.

The team will provide support during construction to ensure that work proceeds safely and on schedule.

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