Arc flash hazard labels with QR codes

Information security system to be modernized to allow a real time update.

The Rio Tinto Fer et Titane plant uses more than 50,000 arc flash labels annually to inform workers of the inherent live work hazards. These labels are part of the CSA Z462 electrical safety standard and must be updated every five years or whenever a major electrical grid modification occurs.

This pilot project involved migrating the current conventional safety information display system to a virtual database and replacing traditional labels by a readable QR code from a smartphone, allowing access to the database and updating safety information in real time.

CIMA+ has fully developed the cellular application to perform all these operations using Apple and Android mobile devices. A web platform has also been created to enable the safe consultation, modification and management of label content.

This modernization work saves the plant more than $200,000 a year in engineering costs, as well as increasing workers’ safety and speeding up the update of hazard levels associated with arcing.

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