Capturing and storing CO2 to reduce GHG in Saskatchewan

The Shand Carbon Capture Test Facility (CCTF) near Estevan in Saskatchewan was developed in partnership with Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems.

The primary purpose of the demonstration-scale facility is to enable long-term technology evaluation utilizing 120 tons/day of CO2 capture directly from the stack of the coal power station.

This proprietary technology was created to gain experience and knowledge for the Boundary Dam Power Plant. It also provides a real-world opportunity to test existing and new technologies.

CIMA+ was commissioned to provide drawings and specifications for the construction of a Carbon Capture Test Facility (CCTF). The building, which includes a nine-floor tower, is located on the Shand coal power plant site, near Estevan in Saskatchewan.

The facility will be used to evaluate different technologies that could capture carbon dioxide from flue gas. The CCTF is designed to capture 120 tons of CO2 per day from coal combustion gas. This multidisciplinary project was carried out by our engineering teams located in Sherbrooke, Kelowna, and Saskatoon in collaboration with GEC, a Calgary-based architectural firm. They also worked with SaskPower and with a team of process engineers who were secured by SaskPower.

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