Construction of Government offices for the Cree Nation of Waskaganish

CIMA+ was mandated by the Department of Capital Works of the Cree Nation to provide professional electromechanical, structural and civil engineering services for construction of a 775 m2 building to house Government offices for the Cree Nation and for the Eeyou Marine Region.

The building is constructed with a wooden structure without a suspended ceiling, which limits the available options for locating electromechanical services. Electromechanical work includes HVAC systems, connecting fibre-optic cabling for computer services and telephone cabling, plumbing for washrooms, main electrical panel, electrical distribution and services, regular and emergency lighting, fire alarms and outdoor lighting systems. Civil engineering work includes drainage, paving of the parking area, curbs and sidewalks, landscaping and connecting the aqueduct and sewers to existing networks.

Our team was able to overcome a number of challenges during this project thanks to innovative solutions. The nature of the soil at the site required in-depth analysis in order to design the building’s foundations and the structural composition of the paved surface of the parking areas. The desire for a wooden structure necessitated a heightened level of coordination with respect to mechanical and electrical systems to make them as unobtrusive as possible. The construction of a building in a northern climate represents another sizable challenge. Our teams also used 3D modelling to coordinate the positioning of utilities as a function of the wooden structure.

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