Construction of marine terminals in numerous cities along the east coast of the United States

The objective of the McInnis Cement project was to install marine infrastructure assets for the supply of cement to metropolitan markets in the United States.

The supply of cement begins at the plant in Port-Daniel-Gascons, located on the shores of the Gulf of Saint Lawrence in Gaspésie, which has a storage capacity of 120,000 tons of finished product. The cement is then transported by ship from the plant to the main regional distribution centres that are strategically located along the North American east coast (Bronx NY, Providence RI, Sainte-Catherine QC, Oshawa ON). These terminals, with storage capacities of up to 45,000 tons, provide an abundant supply to local metropolitan markets.

The project entailed the design and construction of docks, dock equipment, pneumatic conveyors, warehouses for storing the cement and various facilities within the terminals.

The CIMA+ team was retained as the owner’s engineer to assist McInnis Cement in making decisions related to administrative, contractual, technical and regulatory approvals with a view to guaranteeing that the detailed design and construction steps would comply with established timelines and costs

Benefits of the project for the communities

The project has a positive impact on sustainable development, because the transportation of cement by boat has a positive impact on surrounding communities through reducing local traffic and improving the quality of air by decreasing emissions by 35% compared to transporting cement by truck. In addition, the team ensured that US environmental standards applicable to wetlands were respected, and that the project contributed to their preservation and enhancement.

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