Digital twins for maintenance installation, Via Rail

Conducting a complete survey of maintenance installations on a large site to generate a complete and detailed digital model in order to facilitate effective planning of future major redevelopment projects.


In anticipation of making changes to its Montréal and Toronto maintenance centres, VIA Rail Canada wanted to conduct the 3D digitization and 3D modeling of a given section in order to facilitate proper planning of the renovations in question. These scale models made it possible to acquire precise information pertaining to the existing infrastructure assets, and allowed for the inclusion of detailed data related to the elements inside them. CIMA+ conducted a survey based on 2,600 3D captures for Montréal and 2,000 3D captures for Toronto, in order to cover all of the rooms and angles of the buildings. The total interior area covered by these surveys in all buildings totalled 85,000 square metres.

Photogrammetry surveys using drones were also conducted in order to cover the entire grounds around the buildings. Based on these surveys, CIMA+ produced Revit (BIM) digital scale models at an LOD 300 level of detail for the interior and exterior of all buildings.

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