Extending the life of critical processing equipment, Raglan Mine

Since 2010, we have been rehabilitating critical equipment and corroded structures, thereby contributing to the safety of operations at the Raglan mining complex in Québec’s extreme north.

With the discovery of new deposits, the Raglan Mine wants to extend the life of its site by approximately 20 years.

Certain pieces of worn-out processing equipment require repair or replacement. CIMA+ has been involved in upgrading the concentrator for a number of years. We design and coordinate major repairs for various pieces of equipment (tailings thickener, flotation cells, heat exchanger, concentrate press support, etc.) during planned and emergency stoppages, adhering to strict budgets and timeframes.

CIMA+ is present for all semi-annual stoppages in order to coordinate the work, inspect locations that are normally inaccessible and prioritize repairs to be carried out during upcoming stoppages.

Our engineering expertise is helping Raglan Mine to preserve its aging equipment without compromising safety, and to minimize unplanned production stoppages.

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