Inspection of protective ripraps on the shores of the Saint Lawrence River

Mandates involving visual inspection of more than 550 segments totalling more than 83,000 metres of ripraps on behalf of the Ministère des Transports du Québec.

These mandates were executed within the context of protecting the foundations of the road network from coastal erosion. The objective of the mandates was to determine the current state of ripraps for the purpose of assessing changes in the condition of structures, planning maintenance and technical management and anticipating corrective measures to be implemented to extend the service life of the structures.

The team used linear automated inventory and inspection records (shapefile) provided by the Ministère to compile their observations.

High-resolution photographs and GPS location readings were taken for each of the segments inspected, in addition to the recorded observations.

Considering the extent of the territory to be covered, detailed planning was carried out with respect to the assignment of resources, especially since the structures had to be inspected entirely on foot during low tide or when the base of the ripraps was visible.

The team drafted an inspection report and issued recommendations for optimal maintenance of the protective installations.

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