Kruger Brompton Project – Off-site carrier route between Bécancour and Sherbrooke

Establishment of a team dedicated to meeting the needs of an exceptional carrier for the expansion of the Kruger plant.

The team carried out inspections, load-bearing capacity assessments, design and monitoring of structures on the road link of more than 140 kilometres.

Project Description

During the expansion of the Kruger plant located in Sherbrooke, three non-standard mechanical parts that far exceeded the legal transport loads had to be transported from the Port of Bécancour to the work site, before the end of December 2019. The M&J TTR carrier required an extraordinary transport permit since the weight of each of the transport loads was more than 200 tonnes, which exceeded the legal design load for the works established at 63 tonnes by the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code (CSA-S6). Prior to the issuance of the permit, the Department of Transport required a consulting engineering firm to carry out a structural assessment of the bridges and culverts located on the carrier’s route.

Mandated by the carrier M&J TTR, CIMA+ had two months to carry out inspections and assessments of the load-bearing capacity of 175 structures, including 25 major structures and nearly 150 culverts of smaller spans. Also, several modifications to intersections along the route were necessary. Given the scope of the mandate and the short lead time, seven offices were mobilized and worked as a team 24/24 to complete the project on time without compromising the quality of the work.

Meeting customer needs

Due to the load and sizing of the three parts required for the construction of the plant, the client would require the services of an engineering firm capable of carrying out in the very short term and in a timely manner the inspection, design and monitoring services of several structures and road infrastructures present on the route between the Port of Bécancour and the Sherbrooke plant. When the route was modified, CIMA+ immediately took action and was able to mobilize its team quickly.

In addition, we monitored the structures throughout the duration of the transport that took place at night during the period from 16 to 22 December 2019. The team accompanied the carrier, the client and the Ministry throughout the journey. The three pieces arrived at their destination on time to the customer’s satisfaction. The project, of international visibility due to the involvement of several stakeholders, allowed us to take up the challenge with honours. We have been able to meet all needs and provide a superior quality service.

The project was rewarded by the Specialized Carriers and Regging Association (SC&RA) by winning the transport project of the year award allowing us to demonstrate our know-how internationally.

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