L3006, L3025, and L8001Transmission line Modelling

CIMA+ coordinated the aerial survey of a 160 km 345 kV transmission line corridor. Based on the data obtained, the existing transmission lines were modelled in PLS CADD, a line design software, as the first step toward building a new 345 kV transmission line within the corridor.

As part of the New Brunswick Power (NB Power) and Nova Scotia Power (NSPI) 345 kV interconnection project, an aerial LiDAR survey of the existing 160 km transmission line corridor from Onslow to Memramcook and Salisbury was coordinated by CIMA+ and completed with Mosaic3D.

The corridor surveyed included two existing transmission lines in New Brunswick and one transmission line in Nova Scotia. Based on LiDAR, laser imaging, detection, and ranging, obtained from the survey, CIMA+ modelled the existing lines in PLS CADD, a 3D Design software utilized in transmission and distribution line design specifically.

This first step in modelling the existing structures and conductors is crucial in the larger 345 kV interconnection project as it will define the environment in which the new transmission line will be implemented.

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