Redevelopment of Sainte-Catherine Street West

This significant project consisted of rethinking the overall layout of Sainte-Catherine Street, in order to offer Montrealers a unique and innovative experience, while giving priority to pedestrian traffic.

This project illustrates CIMA+’s capacity to participate in major multidisciplinary projects delivered under the integrated design model.

A large arterial road with a commercial and entertainment vocation, Sainte-Catherine Street West is an integral part of Downtown Montreal’s identity. Estimated at $131M, the redevelopment project was part of an effort to replace and update underground infrastructure assets that had reached the end of their lifecycle. These works gave the City of Montreal the opportunity to review and rethink the overall surface layout of traffic lanes, sidewalks, public squares and street furniture, as well as landscaping.

With legible and consistent urban signage and a smart city approach, this redevelopment aimed at ensuring fluid and pleasant pedestrian traffic, in a safe environment for all users.

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