Redevelopment of the Esplanade at Place des Arts

Management of the construction packages involved in the redevelopment of the Esplanade at Place des Arts, including extensive repairs to the waterproofing of the square

The mandate awarded by the Société québécoise des infrastructures (SQI) and Place des Arts involved the planning, design and integration (PDI) of the construction work required for repairing the Esplanade at Place des Arts. The objective was to provide the Quartier des spectacles with an inviting, versatile and more accessible space while upgrading the infrastructure of the festival reception area. The major component of this project was the complete replacement of the waterproofing membranes of the square, which also serves as the roof for a number of underground theatres, businesses and concourses (Métro level).

Our CIMA+ project management team brought all of its ingenuity to bear in supporting the client and developing a PDI strategy aimed at minimizing the impact of the construction work on the neighbourhood (Musée d’art contemporain, Maison symphonique, hotels, restaurants and the urban population) while respecting the site’s vocation as the preeminent gathering place for festivals, markets and events throughout the year.

We worked in tandem with multidisciplinary teams to divide the work intelligently and prepare separate drawings and specifications for the various phases and individual construction packages. This allowed us to obtain more competitive prices from specialized contractors, taking into account the potential risks involved in coordinating a project divided into multiple packages. Using this approach, our team was able to optimize the timeline and minimize disruptions on site.

Ultimately, CIMA+ served as conductor of the orchestra, coordinating the work of specialized contractors while ensuring compliance with the implementation plan that was prepared in collaboration with the client. This included all site-specific constraints and the requirements imposed by Place des Arts, along with the execution strategy and work sequencing.

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