Redwater South Rail Yard Expansion

CIMA+’s railway, civil, drainage, project management and surveying teams joined forces to deliver a railway expansion project.

The Pembina refinery near Redwater is a prominent liquefied gas production plant (LGP) in the Alberta market. The Redwater South Rail Yard Expansion project (RSRYE) services the Pembina refinery, and was required for several reasons, including the increase in gas production and additional diesel products (NWU), and upgrades to CN’s rail operation criteria.

The project mainly consisted of the expansion of the existing site to fill over 250 cars each day with five different products on three different loading docks. Civil works and drainage were achieved by adding retention ponds and a water collection system. Modifications to existing paths were planned, three new crossings were implemented, and electrical work for site lighting and tracks and the addition of heating systems for locomotive engines were completed.

The relocation of the high-voltage transmission line was necessary, in addition to burying medium to high diameter pipelines. Various railway works included adding scale cars, six new railway tracks, extending the existing loop in 12 distinct railway tracks, developing additional loading sites, relocating CN’s existing railway tracks, and extending existing railway tracks (eight and one additional for maintenance).

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