Rehabilitation of the Victoria Street Elevated Water Tank

Full rehabilitation of the elevated water tank will allow this important and iconic component of the Town of Blue Mountains’ water distribution system to continue operating for decades to come.

Elevated water tanks are common sights in many communities across Canada and are integral parts of municipal water distribution systems. They provide water supply equalization as well as emergency and fire storage, and they facilitate safe and efficient operation of the water distribution system. Typically, water from the supply system is pumped into the tank during off-peak periods and then the tank supplies water back to the system via gravity during periods of peak demand to supplement water coming directly from the water treatment facility. Elevated water tanks also minimize pressure fluctuations within the system and help protect the water supply infrastructure from potential damage from transient pressure events. Elevated tanks are a simple, cost-effective way to maintain a reliable, high level of water service in the system.

The Victoria Street Water Tower is an all-steel, spheroidal structure originally constructed in 1977. The structure is approximately 47 m tall and provides an overall storage volume of 910 m3. It has remained in service for close to 45 years. Following several planning studies, the Town of Blue Mountains committed to the full rehabilitation of the tower to maintain operation of the facility into the future.

To facilitate the rehabilitation, CIMA+ completed a condition assessment of the facility to define the scope of the rehabilitation work required to extend the service life of the elevated tank. The CIMA+ assessment recommendations included the removal and replacement of the interior and exterior coating systems, upgrades to health and safety appurtenances, upgrades to the electrical system, and mechanical process upgrades to improve operation of the tank. CIMA+ also identified repair requirements for the interior steel surface of the storage cell and related mitigation measures for lead abatement during abrasive blasting of the exterior of the tank. The existing municipal services telecommunication equipment was kept in continuous operation during construction. The water tower was disinfected and returned to service on schedule.

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