Review of options for an event management system on the Garden City Skyway

The Garden City Skyway is a 2.2 km, six-lane bridge spanning the Welland Canal and forming part of the MTO’s Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) freeway network.

Due to a number of issues along the bridge, such as limited sightlines and thin shoulders, concerns were raised regarding safety on the bridge, especially for first responders attending collision sites. CIMA+ was tasked with conducting a detailed analysis of collision data over the past 10 years.

The results of this analysis, combined with an assessment of human factors, traffic operations, traffic management, and stakeholder consultations with first responders, were used to identify various Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and non-ITS measures that could be used to improve safety. For each shortlisted measure, a benefit-cost ratio was established along with an implementation strategy, which took into consideration the possibility that the bridge’s width could be doubled sometime in the future.

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