Lighting at Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium

Using a drone to save time and money.

The work to improve the site’s lighting system required preparation of an inventory of the various structures available to accommodate the lighting fixtures and estimation of the volume and quantity of material stored in the yard in order to determine the type and number of lighting fixtures needed to provide sufficient and appropriate illumination. Indexing and measuring each structural element in the traditional manner would have required many hours of work. The quickest and least expensive solution was to carry out a survey using a drone. Thanks to this technology, we surveyed the entire site in a record time of four hours, without interfering with operation of the machinery.

We then generated a point cloud and an orthomosaïc that allowed the sub-contractor to consult a true-to-life virtual representation of the site. The sub-contractor then used this same virtual representation to present various lighting scenarios to the client.

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