Strategic study related to the electrification of public transit networks

Predicting the impact of the transition to electrification on the entire set variables.

Within the limits of the available technology, and from the perspective of helping to achieve the Québec government’s target with respect to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the participating transit authorities retained the services of CIMA+, in partnership with SETEC and Abscisse, to study and assess the feasibility of progressively electrifying its transit network.

The feasibility study focused on the impact that the transition to electric technology would have on the infrastructure assets, operation and maintenance of bus networks. The study also presented the effect in terms of capital and operating costs through an economic analysis over a 25-year horizon.

The objective was to assess and document the impact on the entire set variables with a view to determining the feasibility of the project. The assessment focused on three practical charging options, namely the use of slow-charging, fast-charging and fast/slow-charging buses

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