Toronto eBus Pilot Project

In 2018, the TTC undertook the largest Battery-Electric-Bus (BEB) pilot project in North America with a fleet of 60 BEBs from three different vendors spread over three garages.

The project involved both conventional 150 kW heavy vehicle charges with copper clad steel (CCS) cable connections and BYD’s 480 V AC plug-in connections. Chargers and connectors were installed both indoors and outdoors for comparison.

The TTC chose Toronto Hydro to deliver the charging infrastructure and CIMA+ acted as Toronto Hydro’s Owner’s Engineer from the conceptual design phase through to commissioning.

The power demands from the large pilot fleet required almost twice the power available from the existing garage infrastructure, resulting in strict timelines precluding the installation of new substations. An innovative behind-the-meter battery energy storage (BESS) was installed to augment the available grid power and even out the grid load. The BESS will also provide back-up power in the case of a grid outage.

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