Trans Mountain Expansion Project — Joint Use Pole Replacement

CIMA+ has been asked to manage TELUS’s interest in the joint owned poles with BC Hydro associated with the Trans Mountain pipeline Expansion Project.

CIMA+ worked in collaboration with multiple stakeholders to offer detailed of hundreds of TELUS poles across British Columbia. This collaboration implicated not only TELUS, Trans Mountain and BC Hydro but also the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI), and multiple contractors. The project began with a requirement for the analysis and design for 168 locations and grew to have some involvement in over 250 locations.

Scope of work

CIMA+ performed surveys of the poles located on 250 sites. These surveys were performed using the IKE tool which allowed for rapid data acquisition and structural analysis of the poles. The IKE data, including contextual photographs and videos, was quickly converted into PLS CADD files through a conversion software, which allowed us to generate a base model.

Once the new pole locations and sizes were identified by BC Hydro, the model was updated and any changes that were required were noted and sent back to BC Hydro for adjustment.

In parallel to BC Hydro making those adjustments, the original design for TELUS was created, including construction drawings, data sheets and bill of materials.

Key challenges and innovative solutions

Project Scope

  • The scope of this very dynamic project forced the CIMA+ team to adapt the design processes and recommendations to overcome the obstacles encountered throughout the duration of the project.
  • With a very short delivery delay, several project staff were added to the team, to ensure we met the deadline.
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