Tripling the production capacity of a hydroelectric installations

CIMA+ carried out the engineering for the reconstruction of this hydroelectric power plant to increase its capacity from 300 to 1100 kW. The refurbishment of this late 19th century site took four years to complete.

Today, the new hydroelectric complex, located on the Mississippi River in Ontario, supplies power to nearly 150 homes and is the pride of the historic village of Almonte, once home to Irish and Scottish settlers. The installation of new water management systems also allows for better flood control.

Our engineers performed the safety assessment of the dam, as well as the engineering for the rehabilitation of the existing structures and the construction of the new facilities. Our team provided on-site technical support throughout construction as the Owner’s Engineer.

This 1.1 MW project, which houses two 2-meter horizontal Kaplan turbines, received the Stewardship Award from the prestigious Ontario Waterpower Association for its concern for the environment and sustainable development.

Improved Flood Control

The five concrete spillways originally built in the late 19th century have been completely rehabilitated and equipped with inflatable gates for improved flood control. The inflatable gates can be precisely adjusted to hold back or release water as directed by government authorities. The renovated old powerhouse has also been converted into a spillway to increase the site’s ability to manage flooding. This improved water-level control helps reduce bank erosion, which local wildlife depends on.

Protecting Wildlife

CIMA+ conducted the entire environmental assessment with special attention to the migrating eel population. The site incorporates American eel migration structures, something the Algonquins have been requesting for a long time.

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