Turning organic waste into natural gas in the heart of Montreal

A new $167M plant will soon transform organic waste (compost) into renewable natural gas (RNG) in Montreal East. The plant will process 60,000 tons of organic waste per year and produce enough RNG to power nearly 3,600 homes.

CIMA+ performed the engineering of major mechanical and piping components as part of the building design, which had to meet all environmental standards and Code requirements while minimizing the overall impact on the client’s budget.

The layout of the equipment was problematic due to limited floor space. CIMA+’s 3D layouts facilitated the construction and maintenance of equipment, while securing appropriate floor space for operators. 3D models were also used to secure adequate access and maintenance space in the vicinity of every equipment.

Thanks to our expertise in computer-aided design (CAD), design conflicts between disciplines working simultaneously were quickly verified (e.g., placeholders), approved (e.g., normal contacts) or resolved (by the relevant discipline).

2D drawings delivered by suppliers were quickly converted to 3D using the Inventor software. CIMA+ used this same software to integrate the design of equipment (pumps, ventilation units, dust collectors, etc.).

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