Managing the development and construction of Esplanade Tranquille in Montréal’s Quartier des Spectacles

The project management team at CIMA+ participated in the management of several phases of the project involving the development of the new public space located in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles, a key downtown Montréal attraction that hosts numerous events throughout the year.

Our team was involved in project management and site management for the multi-use building and the public space at Esplanade Tranquille, which completed the final phase of the Quartier des Spectacles management project.

This large public space in the heart of downtown Montréal covers an area of approximately 5000 m2, and includes an outdoor refrigerated skating rink that the public can enjoy in winter, which is equipped with a lighting system that can project interactive images onto the ice. In warmer weather, Esplanade Tranquille transforms into a large terrace with greenery that can accommodate events and festivals and serve as a welcoming leisure space where everyone can feel at home.

The two-floor multi-use building along the west side of the Esplanade was designed to welcome visitors and provide a variety of services to the public. The crowning touch of the building is the rooftop, which includes a garden that can be used for urban agriculture.

CIMA+ took advantage of its project management experience in reviewing the proposed solutions and commenting on design and construction methodologies, as required. In performing site management duties, the Project Manager coordinated the consulting contracts for the building envelope, the skating rink guardrail and the lighting system.

Within the context of this mandate, our project management team also managed the reconstruction work on rue Clark between Sainte-Catherine and De Maisonneuve, along with repairs to the roadway and the sidewalk on the south side of rue De Montigny.

Esplanade Tranquille is named in honour of the Tranquille bookstore that once stood in that location. For more information concerning Esplanade Tranquille and its programming, please visit the Quartier des Spectacles website.

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